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Alternate Uses for Steel Sheds

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Repurpose Your Steel Shed

With beautiful designs and affordable costs, sheds are no longer just limited to storage options.

This article walks through 5 creative different uses for sheds, showcasing useful variations and showing you there are more reasons than one, you should build a shed on the Sunshine Coast.

Affordable Home Offices

Working from home seems like living the dream. But it can be more difficult than it seems, with a multitude of distractions and limited space to utilize as an office.

It can be hard to seclude yourself and get stuck into your work. Whether it’s your children not giving you a break or the couch calling your name. Creating a Home Office can give you the distraction-free zone you need, allowing you to be more productive and focus on your work. As much as this is appealing, it can be very expensive to build an extension on your home or a stand-alone office space.

Making it a daunting task that can seem almost out of reach. This is where utilizing a custom designed shed can make all the difference. With Flexible designs and affordable construction, creating a purpose-built steel shed could be the perfect option. Building your very own home office is now more affordable than ever. With a variety of options to create a comfortable workspace, there are very few reasons not take the plunge and finally invest in your own home office.

Build a Playroom for your Kids

You love your kids, but tripping over their toys and cleaning up after them can drive even the most dedicated parent insane. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a dedicated playroom for them? Somewhere for them to unleash their creativity without it spilling over into your living space?

Building an insulated shed gives them a club-house to play in, keeping them out of the heat in the middle of the day, giving them a place to run wild with their friends. While keeping them close and safe.

Add blackboards and crafts tables for your little artist or leave plenty of space for playing with their favorite toys. Soundproofing can be a great option for your budding musician, allowing them to practice at all hours of the day. Without getting on the neighbor’s nerves. Encourage your little ones to play and grow, giving them a sense of independence while giving yourself some space to breathe.

Create a Retreat in your Backyard

As we discussed in our home office section. Building an extension on your home or building a granny flat can be very expensive. But you want somewhere for your guests to stay and family to feel comfortable when they come to visit.

Creating a self-contained livable shed is a great way to create guest accommodations that will keep your friend and family coming back to visit again and again. With Stylish finishes and all the comforts of home. Designing a Livable Shed makes building your own Granny Flat an affordable option for any budget. Building a Retreat can even give you a return on your investment.

With the ability to short-term rent your space on apps like Air BnB, putting money back in your pocket. Whilst also allowing you to be picky about who gets to stay with you. Providing opportunities for you to meet interesting people from all over the world and share some secret spots around our beautiful part of Australia, here on the Sunshine Coast.

Purpose Built Workshop

Can you imagine having your very own workshop to pursue your hobbies or work on projects?

Whether you are an avid woodworker who wants space for a lathe and sanding belt to create amazing wooden pieces of art and furniture. A crafty artist who wants space for canvas’s, easels, and somewhere peaceful to create. Or a motorhead who wants their own hoist to fine tune the car or work on your motorbikes.

Having a custom designed workshop can make all the difference in allowing you to follow your passions. With a dedicated Workshop imagine what you could create. How much easier it would be to get into your projects with everything you need right at your fingertips. With a metal shed, building a workshop is easy and affordable. Allowing you to invest more into the things that matter to you.

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Shop Front/Home Businesses

Finding a Shop Front to lease on the Sunshine Coast that won’t break the bank is getting harder and harder. As our population booms, more businesses flood into the area, making it very competitive and driving leasing costs through the roof.

You know you have the skills and drive to make your business flourish. But how can you afford to get things started? Maybe its time to consider building your very own custom designed shop? It can be more affordable than you would think! Whether you are a hairdresser, massage therapist, mechanic or anything in between, building your own shop is now cheaper than ever before, allowing you to start your business without all the daunting overheads that come with renting.

With shed designs now blending in with even the most modern buildings, why not build your shop from steel and cut your costs right down. Allowing you to focus on your business. Let your shop pay for itself and don’t be kept under the thumb of moody landlords and ever increasing rent.

Build Your Own Steel Shed

If any of these creative alternative uses for sheds is appealing for you, please feel free to contact the amazing team here at Superior Garages and Industrials on the Sunshine Coast. Our skilled in-house engineers are always happy to sit down with you and walk through all of your options and how to go about bringing any shed design into reality.

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