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5 Things to Consider When Building A Shed

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Planning Your Shed Build

No matter your style, or your purpose for building a shed, you need to start with a plan…

Building a shed can be somewhat of a daunting task, finding where to start can be hard and all of the options confusing. This is where Superior Garages & Industrials in-house engineers make life a lot easier. We can sit down and walk you through the design process from start to finish to ensure that you get a shed design that is practical for your needs and suits the look you are chasing. Here are a few things to consider before you start designing.

Sheds Caboolture - dark steel shed built by Superior Garages and Industrials

Shed's Purpose

Decide how your shed will be utilized. Will its primary purpose be for use as a workshop, a crafting room, a rumpus room or something else? Do you need a shed with double doors for storing large equipment? What about customized storage racks or shelving?

If you will be spending a lot of time in your shed, consider heating and ventilation needs to make your shed a more practical workspace. As well as Lighting options, both electrical and natural (Skylights, Windows).

Shed Sizes & Designs

Sheds are available in a wide variety of LARGER sizes and designs. We do not build small sheds such as garden sheds.

Before you design a shed, you will need to determine what size shed best fits your needs.

What will be the minimum width & height if you are planning on housing a boat or caravan for instance. There may even be a local covenant that may limit the size of your shed. Having a member of our highly experienced staff guide you through this process can take the stress out of figuring out the logistics when building a shed.

Foundation requirements

The type of foundation you need will depend on where you live, type of soil, the size of your shed and how it will be used. As well as local building and council requirements. If done incorrectly a poorly laid slab can lead to serious problems in the future for your sheds foundations.

Leading to structural issues and a shorter lifespan for your shed. With a fully qualified construction team and properly engineered plans, you can rest easy knowing a shed from Superior Garages & Industrials will never have these issues.

Shed homes sunshine coast - SGI Shed home

Shed Construct

Today’s steel sheds can be constructed with a wide range of innovative materials to keep your shed cooler, to keep out the pests, to withstand the toughest of climates. Steel built sheds are no longer limited in design, they’re well-crafted, fire, rot, termite and decay resistant.

Start considering whether you want a classic steel shed, or if you are after something unique. We can implement Wooden Features, Custom Shapes and Plastered Interior Walls. Anything you want to make your shed stand out or give it the comforts of home.

Local Covenants, Building Codes & Council By-Laws

When it comes to Local Covenants & Council By-Laws you need to know the shed company you’re dealing with are not only up-to-date but are also looking after your best interests. Superior Garages & Industrials guarantee that all of our work is up to code and to the standard of local By-laws. Meaning you can focus on your design and leave the council requirements to us.

If you have any questions about designing a shed, building a standard shed, or anything else to do with building with steel, please feel free to contact our very knowledgeable team at Superior Garages & Industrials. We are always happy to answer any enquiries you may have.