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Colorbond Shed Builders

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Colorbond Shed Builders

Do You Need A Colorbond Shed Builder?

Looking to build a Colorbond shed? Look no further! With a range of Colorbond options to choose from, your shed home can be designed to be both stylish and practical!

At Superior Garages, we offer affordable, unique, and customised Colorbond shed builds in the Sunshine Coast region. Our sheds are cost-effective but are still of the quality and standard that you would want and need for your shed. Regardless of the style, layout, or size requirements necessary for your Colorbond shed, the Superior Garages and Industrials team are confident that we can deliver a finished project that you will be pleased with. 

Our sheds are of the highest quality and can be completely custom-designed to your needs. We offer a wide range of shed types as well, including rural sheds, commercial sheds, farm sheds, and even equine sheds. If you’re looking for sheds or need a shed builder in Queensland, call for a quote.

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Colorbond Shed Builders

Get the Shed of Your Dreams

If you are interested in creating your dream Colorbond shed, Superior Garages & Industrials is the shed builder you need.

Contact us to ask any shed questions you may have. If you are ready to build your shed , we can connect your with one of our in-house engineers to start designing your dream home.

Design Your Colorbond Shed

With a range of Colorbond options to choose from, your shed home can be designed to be both stylish and practical!

Why Choose Colorbond Steel?

COLORBOND® steel is assessed at outdoor sites around Australia, as well as in accelerated laboratory testing. COLORBOND® steel undergoes corrosion testing, durability testing, application testing and outdoor exposure testing.

Whether you live, or are planning to build in a bushfire prone area, or simply want to increase the bushfire performance afforded to your home, COLORBOND® steel can be a key part of your bushfire design solution. 

Colorbond Steel is durable and resilient to Australia’s harsh climate. 

Its long life helps to conserve resources and energy that may otherwise be invested in other products with a shorter lifespan.

Steel in Colorbond is 100% recyclable.

Did you know that the color of your roof can make a difference to your cooling bill?

no less than 5 of the colours in Colorbond steel range qualify as solar reflective (light coloured) roofing under the Green Star Communities tool. But there’s another way that Colorbond steel can help make your home more energy efficient. Every colour (except Night Sky®) in the standard Colorbond steel range features Thermatech solar reflectance technology.

This technology is designed to reflect more of the sun’s heat on hot, sunny days, which can mean less dependence on air-conditioning, plus reduced heat stress for your roof.

  1. The steel base is manufactured to meet relevant Australian Standards, ensuring strict adherence to the required grade and strength.
  2. The base is then coated in BlueScope’s industry leading metallic coating incorporating Activate® technology*, to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.
  3. A thin pretreatment layer is applied to optimise the adhesion of further coatings.
  4. A corrosion inhibitive primer is baked onto the surface.
  5. topcoat of specially developed, exterior grade paint is baked on to provide resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering and to ensure the finish retains its look for longer.
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Colorbond Shed Builder

Easy to Maintain

Maintain the quality of your Colorbond steel shed by regularly washing with clean, fresh water. This will not only prolong its life but also maintain its attractiveness for longer periods!

Ensure ‘unwashed’ areas are hosed down at least every six months and more frequently in coastal areas where marine salt spray is prevalent, and in areas where high levels of industrial fallout occur.

It is also important to ensure that there is no build-up of debris, such as soil and mulch against Colorbond steel products.

Colorbond Shed Builder

Why Choose Superior Garages & Inustrials

Superior Garages and Industrials (SGI) is a highly experienced shed building company specialising in the design and construction of structural steel buildings. Since it’s establishment in 1983 on the Sunshine Coast, SGI has continued to develop and evolve separating itself from competition by reaching beyond the limitations and services of more traditional companies in it’s field.

Gathering more than 30 years experience in the structural steel building industry our reputation has been built on listening and communicating with our clients, delivering relevant solutions and creating ongoing relationships.

SGI continues to be a major shed builder on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding region offering the highest quality products and contractors available within the industry.

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Colorbond Shed Builders

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