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Why Industrial Steel Sheds are Good Investments

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The Future Of Home Building

Industrial sheds are one of the best real estate investments available today. Compared to traditional homes, they offered a superior return on investment and are an affordable house and storage solution offering a plethora of features and benefits!

There is no question about their potential! Interested in an industrial shed home of your own? Read more to find out the reasons you should invest in an industrial shed…

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Custom Designed Industrial Sheds

1. Low Cost Housing Solution

Industrial shed prices are significantly cheaper when compared to traditional buildings. They are low-cost building solution that us cheaper to build than structures of the same size.

Most industrial sheds are built with structural steel. Although more expensive, steel framing saves costs in the long run, due to their durable but low maintenance qualities. Structural steels sheds will age much slower, and will not split, warp crack or not – leaving you with a home for a lifetime!

2. Customisable and Adaptable

One of the best advantages of an industrial shed, compared to a house, is that they are multifunctional. Traditional houses are often build with one purpose and can be difficult to change. Industrial sheds, however, boast the ability to adapt and change to a range of needs and requirements.

With a wide range of options and uses, industrial sheds can be converted into office spaces, warehousing, workshops, storage, shops, homes and more! Industrial sheds require less time and money to convert in order to meet the needs of your family or business. Shed homes come with optional extras that make every day living and working, a luxury!

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

While homes can be very beautifully designed, so can industrial sheds. With their flexibility, industrial sheds can be a unique piece of architecture with a variety of styles and designs. From unique, striking and contemporary to conventional, traditional and classic – today’s manufacturing technology can make custom sheds to suit every style and aesthetic.

This is great selling point and creates value for your rental. If your potential renters like the outside appearance, they are more likely to lease your unit. This is where Superior Garages & Industrials stand out from the rest. Our custom designed Industrial and Commercial sheds are designed to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing – built to your specifications.

4. High Income

Industrial sheds are an ideal investment as they yield more income than traditional buildings. The average income for an industrial unit is much higher than it is for a similarly sized home. A three-bedroom home can be rented for between AU$1900 and AU$2700, where a commercial property can fetch rents based on square footage which vary between AU$420 and AU$1500 per square foot.

Industrial sheds also lease for longer than typical buildings. With an average lease time of six and twelve months for residential sheds and three and ten years for commercial sheds, investors are guaranteed an income.

Therefore, the potential earnings for your industrial shed are much higher. The more you can earn from the space, the quicker you can expand your portfolio or repay your initial investment!

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5. Durable and Low Maintenance

One of the most competitive advantages, industrial sheds are made with structural steel, making them a durable, long-lasting structure. As a resilient material, steel easily stand the test of time giving peace of mind that the the home or business is protected inside.

Structural steel is a high quality product that is an incredibly strong yet low maintenance. Galvanised to protect it from the weather, steel buildings are less likely to rust. This coating delays corrosion and its damaging effects on the metal. Other than occasional cleaning industrial sheds will only require a repaint every five years.

Industrial Sheds Are An Investors Dream

Many industrial sheds are unattractive frames, but can easily be transformed into a stunning building!

Superior Garages & Industrials has successfully delivered a wide variety of projects, working closely with owner-builders, and architects who realise the benefits of using prefabricated building systems to suit specialised shed designs.

Factory fabrication enables specific tolerances, increased speed of construction, and reduced waste. Additionally, Work Place Health & Safety risk is reduced and the necessary Australian Standards and building codes are met. Weather and other variables have less of an impact on the overall shed building process.

Industrial Sheds Made Tough

SGI has been building steel sheds, commercial and industrial buildings, garages, and carports on the Sunshine Coast for more than 30 years. We are proud of the fact that a large percentage of our new projects are referred to us by our previous clients, or are previous clients returning for a new product.

We stand by the fact that to produce a quality building of any shape or size, quality is essential in 3 main areas…

  • Structural design and integrity (specialised in-house engineering)
  • Quality of all building materials (genuine Australian steel and Colorbond)
  • Construction workmanship (professional builders and contractors)


Our in-house shed design and engineering services allow for creative, functional, and cost effective solutions. For more info, contact our team today.