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Looking to build a shed home? Building a new traditional home is becoming far to difficult to do in today’s economic situation. The cost of the land alone is unreachably high for most. That is not even including the home building coast. This is leaving most Australians with a housing dilemma, and how they are going to afford their first homes

Go with the superior solution – a shed home.

Shed homes are a cost-effective alternative to traditional house build or buying in the current market. Build your shed home with steel, building with steel is a popular method amongst Australian looking to build their dream home.

Superior Garages offers in house engineering for your shed home. Sit down with us and construct your dream shed home and go through the features you would like in your shed home in person with our one of our in house engineers, you design it all. This ensures that the result for your shed home perfectly emulates what you were wanting in your shed home.

Our shed homes are made with 100% quality Australian steel and are 100% termite proof. Building your shed home with steel has more benefits than just its price. Sleep soundly knowing your new shed home is durable, flexible and tough for decades to come.

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Build Your Own Shed Home

With houses being an almost insurmountable first investment and apartments not much more appealing, shed homes may be your solution. Steel shed homes are becoming increasingly popular as more people decide to live with less. Our steel shed homes are designed to be practical, stylish and functional with all the benefits of living in a modern home without any of the drawbacks.

We design and construct all our steel shed homes using premium brand materials including Colorbond® steel sheeting, which offers superior resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for coastal environments. All sheds are manufactured on-site by our qualified tradespeople, which means that every aspect of the process is under our control. By crafting your steel shed home on-site you can be sure of a premium finish at every stage of construction.

Our steel sheds are available in a range of styles and sizes, including single storey kitset buildings, double storey kitset buildings, garages, industrial sheds and commercial buildings. Superior Garages & Industrial Sheds also offers repair services for damaged metal buildings. Superior Garages & Industrial Sheds uses only the best materials produced by leading Australian manufacturers, ensuring our products are built to last for years with virtually no maintenance required.

Contact us to ask any shed home questions you may have. If you are ready to build your shed home, we can connect your with one of our in-house engineers to start designing your dream home.

Design Your Shed Home

With a range of Colorbond options to choose from, your shed home can be designed to be both stylish and practical!

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The Perfect Shed Home

SGI takes great care in ensuring that our clients receive nothing less than perfect builds, every time. We take care to know exactly what your expectations and requirements of your shed are, as well as any designs or layouts you want.

We encourage our clients to be a part of the design process. We want to deliver a shed that not only does what you need it to, but one which is also well-designed and aesthetic. SGI really takes the time to understand your needs to provide you with a complete shed that is worth your time and money. We build steel structures that will not only perfectly compliment your requirements, but it will also accommodate your budget.

After thirty years in the industry, we know that simply building a shed is not enough; that’s why we build our steel structures to stand the test of time.

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Shed Homes FAQs

What is a shed home?

Being a relatively new option on the housing market, shed homes are often mistaken as patchy tin boxes with barren interiors. But despite this common misconception, the popularity of shed homes is on the rise.

There is a big difference between “shed homes” and “a shed”. Shed homes are actually steel-built homes. These offer the benefits and design capabilities of a shed while still being homely – along with an interior layout of your choice!

Are shed homes a worthwhile investment alternative?

Shed homes are definitely a good investment. Building your shed home with steel gives it an adaptability not found in normal houses.

Aside from that, your home will be almost fireproof and 100% termite-proof.

What is the site consideration for a shed home?

When planning to build a shed home, people often neglect to deeply analyse the site which they pick to build on, such as soil quality and zoning restrictions.

What are the restrictions when building my shed home?

All our shed homes are custom built to your specifications. As long as it is possible to build, we can make it a reality. Sit down with our in-house engineers and watch your dream shed home come together!

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Why Choose Superior Garages & Inustrials?

Superior Garages and Industrials (SGI) is a highly experienced shed building company specialising in the design and construction of structural steel buildings. Since it’s establishment in 1983 on the Sunshine Coast, SGI has continued to develop and evolve separating itself from competition by reaching beyond the limitations and services of more traditional companies in it’s field.

Gathering more than 30 years experience in the structural steel building industry our reputation has been built on listening and communicating with our clients, delivering relevant solutions and creating ongoing relationships.

SGI continues to be a major shed builder on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding region offering the highest quality products and contractors available within the industry.

Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Registered Medium RST Builder - WH&S Compliant; in-house engineering.

Why Superior Garages & Industrial?

SGI is a highly experienced building company with more than 30 years of experience.

High Quality Sheds & Garages

Built with quality Australian steel and 100% termite proof. Shed homes are durable, flexible & long-lasting.

Residential Housing Solution

Architectural steel structures for stylish and affordable homes to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Our Building Process

We believe that communication and understanding are paramount to ensuring your goals, needs and final project outcome meets all your expectations. An initial meeting with our experienced Sales Manager & Estimator is set up to determine if what you have envisioned aligns with council requirements and regulations. Once these requirements have been met we can decide what type of structure would best suit your needs.

This is where your initial conceptual ideas turn to real design from which the project is planned. We provide in-house engineering and organize all local government approvals and certification. Approximate project timelines can be established for when you can expect each project phase, We communicate with you through this process and inform you when your project has been approved by council allowing us to start processing and order materials.

Material processing and orders are handled by our Construction Management team who will also plan and confirm established project timelines. You will be kept up to date either with confirmation that the current schedule can be expected or if there are any adjustments need to be made. Only genuine Colorbond and locally produced steel of the highest quality is used for your project.

All of our builders and contractors have been carefully selected for their experience, passion and attention to detail. They are also fully qualified, insured and compliant with current Work Place Health & Safety requirements.

Effective communication throughout each building process assists us in ensuring that upon project completion all your expectation are accounted for. Upon completion, a final inspection will be organised with one of our Construction Management Team to confirm complete satisfaction of the final product.

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